Effective fleet management aims at reducing and minimizing overall costs through maximum, cost effective utilization of resources such as Idle Times, fuel, over speeding etc.

Fleet Management refers to the applications, tools, technologies and practices that help businesses maintain optimal use of their work vehicles from a central platform. In its current form, Fleet Management entails the use of:

·database information software

·telematics and GPS tracking software

The mines who have been using the NAE Fleet Management system agree that it generally allows the Mine:

·Acquire more control over drivers and vehicles.

·Save on fuel consumption.

·Reduce machine incidents.

·Improve driving habits.

·Prevent dubious reporting.

·Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles.

·Customer gets better service having real-time access about the location of their assets.

·Lessen driver frustration while on the road, increasing employee satisfaction all around.

·Lessen maintenance costs

Competitive Price, Competitive Technology, Competitive Edge

The NFS is a robust, affordable device you can count on for AVL and fleet applications.

The NFS incorporates GSM/GPRS, CDMA 1xRTT or HSPA communication along with

extra-sensitive GPS, a powerful processing engine, and a triple-axis accelerometer that detects

and acts on hard braking, aggressive acceleration or vehicle impacts. Internal or external

antenna options enables the device to be mounted virtually anywhere for easy, inexpensive



The NFS employs CalAmp’s industry leading on-board alert engine, PEG™

(Programmable Event Generator). This advanced engine monitors external conditions and

supports custom application. PEG™ continuously monitors the vehicle environment and

responds instantaneously to pre-defined threshold conditions related to time, date, motion

location, geo-zone, input and other event combinations. This behavior can be programmed by

NAE before shipment, at a customer facility, or over-the-air once the unit has been fielded.

With PEG™, your unique application will meet demanding customer requirements and give you

a distinct advantage over your competition.

Over-The-Air Serviceability

The NFS also leverages NAE’s management and maintenance system, PULS™

(Programming, Updates, and Logistics System), for over-the-air configuration parameters, PEG

rules and firmware. This out-of-the-box hands free configuration and automatic post installation

upgrades can monitor unit health status across your fleets to identify issues

before they become expensive problems.